Program Benefits

By bringing together a unique group of participants with renowned faculty in a dynamic learning environment LOGTECH provides:

  • An environment conducive to two way conversations between participants and faculty in and out of the classroom throughout the week;
  • Exposure to learned perspectives from business-savvy academic experts and participants on time-sensitive and critical topics in logistics and technology;
  • Extensive interaction and connection with peers who are also influential logistics leaders in the military, industry, and academia;
  • Actionable ideas, lessons, and concepts participants can take back to their organizations for an immediate and positive impact;
  • The opportunity for new relationships that will enhance cross-service, interagency, and military-private sector communication and cooperation;
  • Useful insights on the latest logistics technologies and business practices and their applicability;
  • Valuable first-hand lessons on change management, leadership, and organizational transformation;
  • Intellectual capital critical for the future strategic direction of participants’ organizations; and
  • Professional development and networking throughout the logistics community.

Participants can expect to be eligible for an average of 3.9 CEUs or 39 CLPs for the Advanced course and 2.8 CEUs or 28 CLPs for the Executive course from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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